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Department of Education - CAR -  Schools Division of Ifugao

Schools Division Office,  Rizal Ave, Pob. South, Lagawe,Ifugao

To serve the divisin and school populace through the implementation of health programs, provision of basic health and nutrition services an destablishment of a healthful school environment
 Build and sustain partnerships for resources generation and social mobilization towards the development of physically and mentally healthy school children who are ready to learn
 Develop a healthy lifestyle habits and practice among teachers and non-teaching personnel for them to become more efficient and effective workers.
a. Develop health and nutrition programs to respond to the needs of the children, teaching and non-taching personnel within the scope of the schools division.
 b. Strategize and coordinate implementation of health and nutrition programs and services.
 c. Supervise health and nutrition personnel deployed to the districts and schools in the implementation f policies and execution of programs and projects towards the acocmplishment of established organizational goals.
 d. Assess facilities of the scools division, districts, schools and LCs, and provide recommendations towards establishing a healthy office and school environment that is safe, secure and child-friendly.
 e. Establish and maintain linkages with other government/ non-government agencies, private, professional, technical organizations and the business sector to ensure maximum support of healthcare services and resources generation.
 f. Respond to public health emergencies brought about by natural as well as sman-made disasters and provide health and nutrition services in critical/high risk areas.
 g. Health education:
           - Provide technical inputs for the integration of health and nutrition concepts in basic
             education curricula and act as technical resource in health and nutrition in workshops and 
           - Develop health and wellness advocacy and information dissemination strategies to improve,
             promote and protect the health of the school populace and the community it serves.
 h. Health services:
          - Strategize provision of preventive, primary, promotive, and curative, psychosocial, medical/
            or dental health care and nutrition services on a regular basis to school-aged children in the
            elementary and secondary level including teaching and non-teaching personnel. Services to
                    * conduct of medical and dental exams
                    * conduct of nutritional assessment and accompnaying
                    * interventions (school feeding)
                    * provision of medical/dental treatment to priority cases
                    * provision of services to athletes during sports training and competition
                    * provision of psycho-social intervention services such as individual, group and family
                       counseling; and consultation with school adminstrators, parents, teachers and
 i. Maintain a IT-enabled database of records, reports, and research on health and nutrition for the purpose of identifying needs and developing health and nutrition programs.
           - Utilize epidemiological data/information obtained from field work to assist other regions and
              units in conducting and analyzing research work, and improving health and nutrition
              well-being to ensure maximum and effective healthcare.
  j. Maintain up-to-date records of field and clinic reports, conduct of timely monitoring and evaluation, upkeep of a computerized database inventory of records and researches and prepare annual reports for evaluation and auditing.

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