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We dream of Filipinos 

who passionately love their country 
and whose values and competencies  
enable them to realize their full potential 
and contribute meaningfully to building the nation.

As a learner-centered public institution, 
the Department of Education 
continuously improves itself 
to better serve its stakeholders.


To protect and promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture-based, and complete basic education where:

Students learn in a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe, and motivating environment.
Teachers facilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner.
Administrators and staff, as stewards of the institution, ensure an enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen.
Family, community, and other stakeholders are actively engaged and share responsibility for developing life-long learners.




       The Department of Education was established through the Education Decree of 1863 as the Superior Commission of Primary Instruction under a Chairman. The Education agency underwent many reorganization efforts in the 20th century in order to better define its purpose vis a vis the changing administrations and charters. The present day Department of Education was eventually mandated through Republic Act 9155, otherwise known as the Governance of Basic Education act of 2001 which establishes the mandate of this agency.

       The Department of Education (DepEd) formulates, implements, and coordinates policies, plans, programs and projects in the areas of formal and non-formal basic education. It supervises all elementary and secondary education institutions, including alternative learning systems, both public and private; and provides for the establishment and maintenance of a complete, adequate, and integrated system of basic education relevant to the goals of national development.


SDO Ifugao Front View
SDO Ifugao today
We the educational leaders, teachers and employees of the Department of Education, Schools Division of Ifugao, do hereby reaffirm our commitment to work together efficiently, courteously, effectively, expeditiously and excellently with utmost integrity and professionalism as promised in this service charter.


Note: duration of services provided is presumed on normal situation and error-free processes


  A. Classification of Expected Enrollees
 a.1. Kindergarten aged 5 years old
 a.2. Elementary age (6-11 years old), overage pupils
 a.3. Secondary age (11-15 years old), overage students
 a.4. Senior High School age (16-18 years old), overage students
  B. Collection of Fees/Voluntary/Authorized (Elementary and
 b.1. BSP/GSP = ???
 b.2. Red Cross = ???
 b.3. Anti TB = ???
 b.4. School Paper = ???
  C. Scheduling of Availability of Service
 c.1. Kindergarten = January of the current year
 c.2. Elementary = Two (2) weeks before the start of the academic school year
 c.3. Secondary = April and May of the current year
  D. Compliance of Requirements
 d.1. Kindergarten
       d.1.1. NSO authenticated Birth Certificate
 d.2. Elementary
       d.2.1. Old pupil: Report Card only
       d.2.2. New/Transferee: Report Card, Certification of Good Moral Character

Enrollment for Secondary School

 A. Enrolment for Grade 7
 a.1. submits report card, birth certificate, Certification of 
       Good Moral Character.
 a.2. accomplishes enrolment form
 a.1. receives, assesses and 
        evaluates documents  
5 minutes
  School Head/ Teacher
 B. Enrolment for Transferee
 b.1. accomplishes  a.1 and a.2 above
 b.2. submits copy of Honorable Dismissal from former
 b.1. receives, assesses and
       evaluates documents
 5 minutes
 School Head/ Teacher
 C. Enrolment for Grades 8, 9,
     10, 11 & 12 from same
 c.1. submits report card
 c.1. receives report card
 5 minutes
 School Head/ Teacher

Issuance of Admission Slip to Late Comer or Absentee in Secondary School

 1. Action on absenteeism
 1.1. accomplishes admission slip
 1.2. submits admission slip with
        letter from parent or
 1.1. receives admission slip with
       the letter from parent or
 1.2. signs admission slip whether
        excused or unexcused
 5 minutes
 Prefect of Discipline

Teacher/ Class Adviser
 2. Action on tardiness
 2.1. gets admission slip
 2.2. submits admission slip
2.1. receives and signs admission
 within 2 min.
 Prefect of Discipline /
Teacher/ Class Adviser
 3. Issuance of school documents
 3.1. presents request letter or
       verbally request to the
       School Head
 3.1. receives, prepares and
       issues documents requested
 within 30 min.
 School Head/ Class Adviser
 4. Guidance Counseling Services
 4.1. students with problems

 4.1. accomplishes referral form
 4.2. submits to the Guidance
       Counselor's Office
 4.3. conducts guidance 
4.1. 5 minutes
4.2. 5 minutes
4.3. 30 min.

  Guidance Counselor
 5. Career Guidance Services
 5.1. schedule career guidance
 5.1. coordinates with other 
       agencies/ private 
       organizations for career
 5.2. conduct career guidance
5.1.   1 to 2  

5.2. 30 min.
 Guidance Counselor

Service Records

1. Submission of request for service records
 submits formal request letter addressed to the SDS, attentioned to the Records Officer
 prepares hard copy of the service records and have it signed by authorities
 2 minutes
 Records Officer
2. Release of service records
 claims requested service records
 issues the service records if already signed by authorities
 1 minute
 Records Officer

Application for Certification of Employment

 Submission of application for certification of employment
  submits a formal request letter addressed to the SDS, attentioned to the Records Officer
 validates authenticity of information
 2 minutes
  Records Officer
 Release of application of certification of employment
 receives hardcopy of certification of employment
  issue the printed certificate of employment duly signed by authorized signatories
  1 minute
  Records Officer

Photocopying Pertinent Division Office Files or Communications

submission of the request letter
 submits request letter to photocopy a DO file addressed to the SDS, attentioned to the Records Officer
  verifies request and prepares the document needed
  2-5 minutes
  Records Officer
 releasing of the request
 receives file for photocopying after signing the logbook
 ensures that the borrower logs in the logbook and leaves an ID to oblige him/her to return the file
 2-5 minutes
 Records Officer

Regular Salary

Releasing of the Summary of Disbursements by the Regional Office to the Accounting Unit of the Schools Division Office
Regional Office sends summary of disbursements

  1. receives summary of disbursements
  2. prepares disbursement voucher for the transfer of funds to the account of DepEd RO who issue checks for regular salaries based on the sumary of disbursements
  3. certifies voucher as to its accuracy and availability of funds
  4. forward signed voucher to the Office of the SDS for approval
  5. receives approved voucher from the SDS
  1. 1 minute
  2. 4 minutes
  3. 1 minute
  4. 1 minute
  5. 1 minute

  1. Accountant
  2. Accountant
  3. Accountant
  4. SDS
  5. Accounting Staff
  Action of Cash Unit on its concerns
  Accounting Unit forwards to the Cash Unit for next steps
  1.  receives approved vouchers from the Accounting Unit
  2. prepares check per voucher/payroll and Advice of Checks Issued (ACIC)
  3. forward vouchers with checks and ACIC to the office of the SDS for signing
  4. retrieves signed checks and ACIC with vouchers from SDS
  5. submits ACIC and deposit funding check to the agency depository bank
  6. issues individual checks to payee/ authorized personnel from school/district
  1. 1 minute
  2. 3 minutes
  3. 1 minute
  4. 1 minute
  5. 35 minutes
  6. 10 minutes
  1.  cashier
  2. cashier
  3. SDS
  4. cashier
  5. cashier
  6. cashier

Payment of Travel Expenses

Accomplishing the itinerary of travel
  accomplishes itinerary of travel with attachment of supporting documents then submits for payment
  1.  receives itinerary and checks completeness of supporting documents
  2. routes itinerary of travel to the AO5 for signing then to the SDS for approval
  3. verifies all documents as to completeness and accuracy
  4. prepares disbursement voucher/ payroll, certifies availability of funds and completeness and accuracy of supporting documents
  5. forward voucher to the SDS for approval
  6. receives approved voucher and payroll together with all the supporting documents
  1. 1 minute
  2. 5 minutes
  3. 5 minutes
  4. 7 minutes
  5. 1 minute
  6. 1 minute 
  1.  Records Officer/ Receiving Clerk
  2. Accounting staff
  3. Accountant and Staff
  4. Accountant
  5. Accounting Staff
  6. Accounting Staff
 Action of Cash Unit on its concerns
Accounting Unit forwards to the Cash Unit for further processes
  1.   receives approved vouchers/ payrolls then prepares checks per voucher/payroll and ACIC
  2. signs checks and ACIC
  3. forwards vouchers/ payrolls with checks for the signature of the SDS
  4. receives countersigned checks and ACIC for the SDS
  5. submits approved ACIC to the depository bank
  6. issues checks to claimants
  7. submits paid vouchers and payrolls to the Accounting Unit
  1.  3 minutes
  2. 1 min
  3. 1 min
  4. 1 min
  5. 15 minutes
  6. 2 minutes
  7. 3 min.

Payment of Step Increment and Promotion

compliance of requirements for payment

  1.  complies with the required documents for payment
  1. receives the required documents for payment
  2. routes documents for payment to Personnel Unit for verification as to its completeness and accuracy and prepares agency remittance advice for the signature of the AO5
  3. segregates copies for the GSIS, COA, region and accounting then submits all copies to the Accounting Unit for verification of all supporting documents and the computation of payments due
  4. receives documents, verifies as to accuracy and completeness and computes amount due per claimant
  1.  1 min.
  2. 15 min.
  3. 20 min.
  4. 30 min.
  1.  Receiving Clerk/ Records Officer
  2. Personnel in-charge for the preparation of claims for payment
  3. Personnel in-charge of claims
  4. Accountant
 action of Cash Unit on its concerns
 Accounting Unit forwards to Cash Unit vouchers/payrolls approved with supporting documents for the preparation of ACIC
  1.  receives approved vouchers/ payrolls with supporting documents and prepares ACIC
  2. routes the checks together with the approved vouchers/payrolls to the Office of SDS for countersigning of check and approval of ACIC
  3. submits ACIC to the depository bank
  4. Issues checks to claimants
  1. 3 min.
  2. 2 min.
  3. 10 minutes
  4. 1 min.
  1. Cashier
  2. SDS
  3. Cashier
  4. Cashier

Dental Services

About the Service
      1. perform oral health examination on all public school children from pre-elementary to grade VI pupils, teaching and non-teaching personnel of the
      2. perform prophylactic and curative services to pupils needing immediate dental attention
      3. conduct dental health education through chair-side instructions and classroom lectures on dental awareness and dental health care
      Requirements: None
      Schedule of Availability of Service
      Monday: Division Office                 @ 8:00am to 12:00n; 1:00pm to 5:00pm
      Tuesday to Friday:  School Clinic per approved itinerary of travel        @ 8:00am to 12:00n; 1:00pm to 5:00pm
      Fee: None     
Conduct of registration
 registers to submit personal data required
  1. interviews the patient and prepares the records/patient health card
 5 min
 Dental Assistant
 Presentation of Patient for tooth examination
 patient presents for self examination / tooth extraction
 a. conducts oral examination on the patient
b. fill up patient's dental health card based on the oral examination performed
c. prepares instruments needed for the required dental treatment
d. conducts actual treatment/extraction of tooth
e. dispense medicine and give post operative medication and instruction to patient
a. 10 min.
b. 10 min
c. 5 min
d. 20 min
e. 5 min

  a. Sch. Dentist
b. Sch. Dentist
c. Dental Asst.
d. Sch. Dentist
e. Dental Asst.
 Presentation for self prophylactic procedures, preventive and proper dental hygiene
 presents self for prophylactic procedures, preventive and proper dental hygiene
 a. prepares sodium fluoride mouth rinsing program
b. preparation of poster and visual aides or guide the students in proper tooth brushing techniques in dental health care
c. conducts actual supervision of time spent and frequency for sodium fluoride mouth rinsing and proper tooth brushing habit
 10 min
20 min
10 min
 Dental Asst.

Requirements for Equivalent Record Form (ERF) / Requirements for Reclassification of Position

Submission of request for reclassification or ERF

  requests for the following ERF requirements:

1. Equivalent Record Form (ERF), 4
   - original (for the teacher)
   - 2nd copy (for the RO Records
   - 3rd copy (for the SDO Records
   - 4th copy (for the school)
2. Original OTR with 3 photocopies
    duly certified by authorized official
    (3 copies)
3. Sworn statement of the teacher in
   accordance with the provisions of
   DO no. 12, s. 1962, an inclosure to
   memorandum no. 51, s. 1962, if the
   teacher studied in a private school
4. Copy of approved study leave/
   scholarship agreement, or approved
   study permit in accordance with
   circular number 17, s. 1960 and
   DECS Order No. 56, s. 1984 (1
5. Certification from the school on
    the area of specialization in the
    given course stating the number of
    units required to finish the course
    including thesis writing and number
    of lacking units (2 copies)
6. Comprehensive complete service
    records showing inclusive dates of
    paid services and salary 
    adjustments granted duly certified
    by the SDS; authorized official to
    certify Service Records (pls. get
    Service Records before submitting
    folder for ERF)
7. Latest Performance Rating with at
    least very satisfactory rating (1 
8. Certificate of trainings/ seminars
    (1 original copy)
9. Professional activities duly
    approved by the SDS (district level
    not included), educational travels,
    authorship of educational
    materials, if any.
10. All documents in photocopies
    should be duly certified by the
    Administrative Officer or any 
    authorized official
provides the ERF checklist of pertinent documents/ needed for attachment
  2 minutes
  Personnel Unit
 Submission of pertinent documents
 submits complete pertinent documents in a properly labeled folder
 a. validates the completeness and authenticity of submitted documents.
b. evaluates documents and puts the degree or degree equivalents and upgraded position placement in the space provided for int he ERF
c. signing by DepEd Officials concerned
d. prepares transmittal letter and submits to the Regional Office for final action
 a. 5 minutes
b. 10 minutes
c. 15 minutes
d. 1 min.
 Personnel Unit

Implementation of Approved Equivalent Record Form (ERF)/ Reclassification of Position

announcement of submission of approved ERF's
 Regional Office notifies the Schools Division Office for the submission of ERF's approved for implementation
  prepares call up for the submission of ERF's approved for implementation
  5  minutes
  Personnel Unit
 submission of ERF's approved for implementation to respecive school head per school
 submits a certified photocopy of ERF approved for implementation to school head
 a. collects ERF's approved for implementation submitted from fields for implementation
b. prepares the Plantilla Allocation List (PAL)
c. prepares transmittal letter for submission to the Regional Office (by handcarry or by mail)
 a. depends on the set numbers of days in the call up
b. 1 day
c. 1 day
 a. Personnel Unit
b. Personnel Unit
c. Personnel Unit

Appointment (Substitute and Permanent)

  substitution of an incumbent on leave
 School Selection Committee of the school where the need exists recommends a substitute teacher from the Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) only using the School Selection Ranklist, then
submits a formal request to hire a substitute teacher addressed to the SDS 15 days earlier before the effectivity of the leave of incumbent
  receives request then forwards to the Office of the SDS before routing to the Office of the Administrative Officer V for action
 within 15 working days from receipt of request
  Receiving Officer, SDS, AO5
 approval of the request to hire a substitute teacher
  School Head checks from the Records Unit any endorsement released regarding the request
 releases endorsement approved by the SDS to the Records Unit for release
 within 15 working days from receipt of request
 Receiving Officer, SDS, AO5
  Submission of School Selection Committee recommendation for permanent Teacher I Position
 School Selection Committee  of the school where the vacancy exists recommends the teachers in the Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) per latest guideline using the School Selection Ranklist, then
submits to the SDS earlier before the effectivity of the vacancy for her discretion
 receives the School Selection Ranklist then forwards to the Office of the SDS
 within 15 working days from receipt
 Receiving Officer
   submission of requirements for substitute or permanent appointment
  appointee reports to the School Head to get the list of requirements when notified by SH or SDS for substitution or for permanency, respectively:
Requirements (for substitute or permanent):
1. if substitute, request letter to
    hire a substitute approved by
    SDS (1 copy).
2. (Permanent and Substitute)
    School Selection Ranklist (1
    copy); District Assessment if  
    Promotion to T2 or T3;
    Division Assessment for other
3. (Permanent and Substitute)
    Position Description Form
    (PDF), 3 original copies
4. (Permanent and Substitute)
    Panunumpa sa Katungkulan (3
    original copies)
5. (Pernament and Substitute)
    SALN (3 original copies);
    SALN prepared as of Dec 31 
    of the preceding year if
6. (Permanent and Substitute)
    CSC Personal Data Sheet
    (PDS) Form 212, Revised
    2005, 3 original copies
7. (Permanent and Substi) Board 
    Rating (2 photocopies)
8. (Perm and Substi) Teacher's
    License (2 photocopies)
9. (Perm and Substi) Transcript
    of Records (1 photocopy)
10. (Perm and Substi) Medical
     Form-CSC Form 211 with 1
     documentary stamp on 1 
     copy, 2 copies
11. (Perm and Substi) NBI
     clearance, if no clearance
     within the past 6 months;
     except for promotion.
12. (Perm and Substi)
     Certification of Assumption
     to Duty, except for promotion.
13. (Permanent only) Updated
     Service Records if promotion
14. (Permanent only) Latest
     appointment, if promotion
  gives list of requirements on request or maintains posting in the bulletin board for public information
   10 minutes
  Receiving Officer, HRMO
 submission of pertinent documents for substitute or  permanent appointment
 School Head prepares transmittal of the documents upon receipt of the complete documents in a folder from the appointee for submission to the Schools Division Office
  marks the date receipt of the folder and checks the completeness and compliance of the requirements
 10 minutes
  Receiving Officer
  returning a folder with incomplete requirement or with lacking data on forms (substitute or permanent)
  School Head checks the district pigeon hole or division website for any  folder of pertinent documents of the teacher returned for correction; or directly asks the HRMO
 returns to the district pigeon hole of the school the folder for pick-up with remarks of lacking data or incomplete requirement
  10 minutes
   Receiving Officer
  acceptance of a folder with complete requirements and data on forms (substitute or permanent)
  checks the district pigeon hole or website page of Personnel Unit for any corrections or lacking on the documents submitted or directly asks the HRMO
  forwards the folder to the HRMO after recorded in a logbook
  5 minutes
  Receiving Officer, HRMO
  processing the appointment of a substitute or permanent teacher
 waits for the release of the appointment before assuming to duty
 HRMO prepares the appointment to be signed by all authorities then submits to CSC for attestation (i.e., if not accredited yet)
 within 15 working days from receipt of folder
  releasing of appointment after attested by the CSC
  School Head checks the list of appointments for release at the Releasing Unit or at the website page of the Personnel Unit
 HRMO releases the attested appointments to the Records Unit after recorded in a logbook
 5 minutes
 HRMO, Records Officer

Schools Division Office Organizational Structure Under the Rationalization Program
DepEd Order 52, s. 2015

Flowchart of Entry To Teaching Career in a Public School of DepEd