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Department of Education - CAR -  Schools Division of Ifugao

Schools Division Office,  Rizal Ave, Pob. South, Lagawe,Ifugao

  •  To provide SDO management with economical, efficient, and effective accounting and budgeting services to ensure the cost-effective utilization of financial resource of the schools division.
 a. Plan and manage the effective and efficient use of all fiscal resources of the schools division in accordance with existing rules.
 b. Monitor and ensure proper reporting of the generation and utilzation of funds by the schools and LCs.
 c. Tap and utilize resources available at the schools division level to support the implementation of programs and projects at the schools division level or at the school/LC level.
 d. Operationalize the required government financial systems to improve productivity, efficiency, and timely completion of government transactions and reports.
 e. Strengthen and monitor the implementation f the internal control system to ensure the completeness of supporting documents and validity of transactions.
 f. Provide capacity building programs for school heads on fiscal management.
 g. Monitor and evaluate the utilization of funds provided by the national government and by LGUs to the schools and clusters including funds generated by the schools and LCs.
 h. Monitor and assess/audit the schools and LCs regarding: (a) resource mobilization and utilization (b) compliance with the existing rules and regulations.
 i. Supervise and coordinate the budget and fiscal activities of units within the schools division.
 j. Coordinate planning and budgeting activities of the schools division.

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