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Visit the OMIS Portal! Just click on the OMIS Portal picture or on its text link. The Online Management Information System (OMIS) of the division office features the Documents Tracking System which presents updates on status of documents forwarded to the SDS Office, updates of ICT Unit, LRM, HRDD, etc. Other features include online system portals for Queuing, Registrations, and Requests. You can request for appointment during holidays, Saturdays, or Sundays using the 'Request for Appointment' button at our OMIS-Request System Portal.

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Oct 15.  Division Memo 220, s. 2019
ALS School-based Management Seminar
Oct 11.  Division Memo 218, s. 2019
Conduct of the 2019 Division Festival of Talents (Araling Panlipunan)
Oct 11.  Division Memo 217, s. 2019
Orientation of Regular Teachers (Elementary and Secondary) on Inclusive Education
Oct 11.  Division Memo 216, s. 2019
Result of the 2019 Consumer Quiz Bee
Oct 11. Division Memo 215, s. 2019 
Result of the 2019 Asean Quiz Bee
Oct 11. Division Memo 210, s. 2019
Rapid Assessment of Damages Report (RADAR) Web and Mobile Application Registration
Oct 11.  Division Memo 209, s. 2019
Use of the Official National DepEd DRRM Jingle and Music Videos During Flag Ceremonies and other Official Events and Activities
Oct 11.  Division Memo 202, s. 2019
Guidelines on the Requisition for Technical Assistance Support for DCP Equipment within Warranty
Oct 2. Process Flow for the Excel-based IPCRF
Sept 18. Latest Guideline on Reporting DCP Issues/Problems
Sept 18. Call for Climate Action on September 20-27, 2019
Sept 18. Announcement: DepEd Order 22, s. 2019 re: Authority to Travel
Sept 18.  Division Memo 200, s. 2019
2019 Regional Search for the Most DRRM Compliant School (Best School DRRM Implementer)
Sept 18.  Division Memo 199, s. 2019
Planning for a Division ESP Festival of Talent and Search for the Best W.A.T.C.H School Implementer
Sept 18.  Division Memo 198, s. 2019
Youth Formation Training for SPG and SSG TEacher-Advisers Cum Tree Planting
Sept 18.  Division Memo 183, s. 2019
Submission of Participants to the Hagiyo (Mabuhay) Project
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Sept 17. Division Memo 197, s. 2019
Planning on Division Festival of Talents (Araling Panlipunan)
Sept 17. Division Memo 196, s. 2019
2019 Division ASEAN Quiz
Sept 17. Division Memo 195, s. 2019
Pre-planning on the Orientation of Regular Teachers on Inclusive Education (Elementary/Secondary)
Sept 17. Division Memo 194, s. 2019
Planning Meeting of School Paper Advisers
Sept 17.  Division Memo 192, s. 2019
Conduct of Cluster Orientation Roll-out on the Collection of Teachers' IPCRF Data for the Baseline Establishment on Teachers' Proficiency Level for SY 2018-2019
Sept 17.  Division Memo 191, s. 2019
Corrigendum to Division Memo No. 179, s. 2019 (Regional Data-gathering and Survey on Professional Development of Teachers and Assessment on the Conduct of the Teacher Induction Program)
Sept 17.  Division Memo 190, s. 2019
Provincial Jamboree Planning Activity
Sept 12.  Division Memo 189, s. 2019
Orientation on the Division Banner Project
Sept 12.  Unnumbered Division Memo
Planning Workshop on Critical Content
Sept 12.  Division Memo 188, s. 2019
Seminar-Workshop on Critical Content in Science
Sept 12.  Division Memo 187, s. 2019
Planning-Workshop of Science and Math for the Division Festival
Sept 12.  Division Memo 186, s. 2019
Resulta ng Pandibisyong Paligsahan Para Sa Pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika 2019
Sept 10.  Division Memo 184, s. 2019
Orientation-Workshop of Private Schools on DepEd CAR LSIS Child Protection Policy (CPP) Data Tool
Sept 10.  Division Memo 180, s. 2019
Conduct of the "Kiphodan Di Ifugao"
Sept 10.  Authority to Travel at Highlander Hotel, Solano, N.V. on August 15-18, 2019. re: Training on Journalism
Sept 3.  Division Memo 182, s. 2019
Conduct of 2019 Regional Search for Best Offices and Employees in the Department of Education
Sept 3. Announcement: Call for Application on Student-led Projects for Presentation at the 3rd National Climate Change Conference on November 20, 2019
Sept 3.  Division Memo 179, s. 2019
Regional Data-gathering and Survey on Professional Development of Teachers and Assessment on the Conduct of the Teacher Induction Program
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Aug 29.  Division Memo 177, s. 2019
Aug 28.  Division Memo 176, s. 2019
Online Profiling of Learners for Various Learning Development Programs
Aug 27.  Division Memo 175, s. 2019
Division Federated Parents-Teachers Association 3rd Quarter Meeting
Aug 23.  Division Memo 172, s. 2019
Mass Training of ALS Teachers on ALS K-12 Curriculum
Aug 22.  Division Memo 171, s. 2019
Division Planning Conference on the Conduct of 2019 Technolympics and Senior High School Congress
Aug 22.  Division Memo 169, s. 2019
Submission of School LR Plan and Names of Council of Elders
Aug 20.  Division Memo 168, s. 2019
Orientation on the Gulayan sa Paaralan Program (GPP) for Recipient Schools Regarding the Department of Agriculture High Value Crops Development Program for FY 2019
Aug 20.  Important Announcement
Search and Destroy Mosquitoes' Breeding Places Activities (Sabayang 4 o'clock habit para deng-get out) in Schools
Aug 20.  Division Memo 167, s. 2019
CY2019 Special Hardship Allowance
Aug 20. Division Memo 166, s. 2019
Establishment of an Electronic Library (e-Library) out of the DCP Packages in the Elementary Schools
Aug 15.  Division Memo 165, s. 2019
3rd Quarter BSP Meeting
Aug 15.  Division Memo 164, s. 2019
Conduct of the Division Training on Critical Content in Araling Panlipunan
Aug 15.  Division Memo 163, s. 2019
Conduct of the Division Training-Workshop for Kindergarten Teachers on the Preparation of Contextualized DLL and IMS Based on Kindergarten Curriculum
Aug 13.  Division Memo 162, s. 2019
Submission of Documents for Assessment
Aug 13.  Division Memo 160, s. 2019
Immersion of Division Federated SPG and SSG Officers and Advisers
Aug 13. Division Memo 139, s. 2019
Division Seminar-workshop on Contextualization of Learning Materials in Technology and Livelihood Education
Aug 9.  Division Memo 161, s. 2019
Workshop on Better World Programs and Sustainable Development Goals
Aug 7. Division Memo 159, s. 2019
Conduct of 2019 3rd Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED)
Aug 6.  Division Memo 156, s. 2019
Administration of the English Proficiency Test for Teacher Applicants
Aug 6.  Division Memo 155, s. 2019
Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) Application Submission
Aug 6.  Division Memo 158, s. 2019
Conduct of the Division Training on Sports Coaching and Officiating for Learners with Special Educational Needs
Aug 6.  Division Memo 157, s. 2019
3rd National Competition on Storybook Writing
Aug 5.  Division Memo 154, s. 2019
2019 Journalism Training for School Paper Advisers
Jul 29. Division Memo 151, s. 2019
8th Northeastern Luzon Region Scout Jamboree
Jul 29.  Division Memo 147, s. 2019
Result of the 2019 Division Search for the Best Brigada Eskwela Implementing Schools
Jul 18.  Division Memo 146, s. 2019
2019 Career Guidance Week Celebration
Jul 17. Division Memo 148, s. 2019
2nd Quarterly Meeting for Alternative Learning System

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