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Visit the OMIS Portal! Just click on the OMIS Portal picture or on its text link. The Online Management Information System (OMIS) of the division office features the Documents Tracking System which presents updates on status of documents forwarded to the SDS Office, updates of ICT Unit, LRM, HRDD, etc. Other features include online system portals for Queuing, Registrations, and Requests. You can request for appointment during holidays, Saturdays, or Sundays using the 'Request for Appointment' button at our OMIS-Request System Portal.

Recent Posts

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Oct 15.  Division Memo 220, s. 2019
ALS School-based Management Seminar
Oct 11.  Division Memo 218, s. 2019
Conduct of the 2019 Division Festival of Talents (Araling Panlipunan)
Oct 11.  Division Memo 217, s. 2019
Orientation of Regular Teachers (Elementary and Secondary) on Inclusive Education
Oct 11.  Division Memo 216, s. 2019
Result of the 2019 Consumer Quiz Bee
Oct 11. Division Memo 215, s. 2019 
Result of the 2019 Asean Quiz Bee
Oct 11. Division Memo 210, s. 2019
Rapid Assessment of Damages Report (RADAR) Web and Mobile Application Registration
Oct 11.  Division Memo 209, s. 2019
Use of the Official National DepEd DRRM Jingle and Music Videos During Flag Ceremonies and other Official Events and Activities
Oct 11.  Division Memo 202, s. 2019
Guidelines on the Requisition for Technical Assistance Support for DCP Equipment within Warranty
Oct 2. Process Flow for the Excel-based IPCRF
Sept 18. Latest Guideline on Reporting DCP Issues/Problems
Sept 18. Call for Climate Action on September 20-27, 2019
Sept 18. Announcement: DepEd Order 22, s. 2019 re: Authority to Travel
Sept 18.  Division Memo 200, s. 2019
2019 Regional Search for the Most DRRM Compliant School (Best School DRRM Implementer)
Sept 18.  Division Memo 199, s. 2019
Planning for a Division ESP Festival of Talent and Search for the Best W.A.T.C.H School Implementer
Sept 18.  Division Memo 198, s. 2019
Youth Formation Training for SPG and SSG TEacher-Advisers Cum Tree Planting
Sept 18.  Division Memo 183, s. 2019
Submission of Participants to the Hagiyo (Mabuhay) Project
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Sept 17. Division Memo 197, s. 2019
Planning on Division Festival of Talents (Araling Panlipunan)
Sept 17. Division Memo 196, s. 2019
2019 Division ASEAN Quiz
Sept 17. Division Memo 195, s. 2019
Pre-planning on the Orientation of Regular Teachers on Inclusive Education (Elementary/Secondary)
Sept 17. Division Memo 194, s. 2019
Planning Meeting of School Paper Advisers
Sept 17.  Division Memo 192, s. 2019
Conduct of Cluster Orientation Roll-out on the Collection of Teachers' IPCRF Data for the Baseline Establishment on Teachers' Proficiency Level for SY 2018-2019
Sept 17.  Division Memo 191, s. 2019
Corrigendum to Division Memo No. 179, s. 2019 (Regional Data-gathering and Survey on Professional Development of Teachers and Assessment on the Conduct of the Teacher Induction Program)
Sept 17.  Division Memo 190, s. 2019
Provincial Jamboree Planning Activity
Sept 12.  Division Memo 189, s. 2019
Orientation on the Division Banner Project
Sept 12.  Unnumbered Division Memo
Planning Workshop on Critical Content
Sept 12.  Division Memo 188, s. 2019
Seminar-Workshop on Critical Content in Science
Sept 12.  Division Memo 187, s. 2019
Planning-Workshop of Science and Math for the Division Festival
Sept 12.  Division Memo 186, s. 2019
Resulta ng Pandibisyong Paligsahan Para Sa Pagdiriwang ng Buwan ng Wika 2019
Sept 10.  Division Memo 184, s. 2019
Orientation-Workshop of Private Schools on DepEd CAR LSIS Child Protection Policy (CPP) Data Tool
Sept 10.  Division Memo 180, s. 2019
Conduct of the "Kiphodan Di Ifugao"
Sept 10.  Authority to Travel at Highlander Hotel, Solano, N.V. on August 15-18, 2019. re: Training on Journalism
Sept 3.  Division Memo 182, s. 2019
Conduct of 2019 Regional Search for Best Offices and Employees in the Department of Education
Sept 3. Announcement: Call for Application on Student-led Projects for Presentation at the 3rd National Climate Change Conference on November 20, 2019
Sept 3.  Division Memo 179, s. 2019
Regional Data-gathering and Survey on Professional Development of Teachers and Assessment on the Conduct of the Teacher Induction Program
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Aug 29.  Division Memo 177, s. 2019
Aug 28.  Division Memo 176, s. 2019
Online Profiling of Learners for Various Learning Development Programs
Aug 27.  Division Memo 175, s. 2019
Division Federated Parents-Teachers Association 3rd Quarter Meeting
Aug 23.  Division Memo 172, s. 2019
Mass Training of ALS Teachers on ALS K-12 Curriculum
Aug 22.  Division Memo 171, s. 2019
Division Planning Conference on the Conduct of 2019 Technolympics and Senior High School Congress
Aug 22.  Division Memo 169, s. 2019
Submission of School LR Plan and Names of Council of Elders
Aug 20.  Division Memo 168, s. 2019
Orientation on the Gulayan sa Paaralan Program (GPP) for Recipient Schools Regarding the Department of Agriculture High Value Crops Development Program for FY 2019
Aug 20.  Important Announcement
Search and Destroy Mosquitoes' Breeding Places Activities (Sabayang 4 o'clock habit para deng-get out) in Schools
Aug 20.  Division Memo 167, s. 2019
CY2019 Special Hardship Allowance
Aug 20. Division Memo 166, s. 2019
Establishment of an Electronic Library (e-Library) out of the DCP Packages in the Elementary Schools
Aug 15.  Division Memo 165, s. 2019
3rd Quarter BSP Meeting
Aug 15.  Division Memo 164, s. 2019
Conduct of the Division Training on Critical Content in Araling Panlipunan
Aug 15.  Division Memo 163, s. 2019
Conduct of the Division Training-Workshop for Kindergarten Teachers on the Preparation of Contextualized DLL and IMS Based on Kindergarten Curriculum
Aug 13.  Division Memo 162, s. 2019
Submission of Documents for Assessment
Aug 13.  Division Memo 160, s. 2019
Immersion of Division Federated SPG and SSG Officers and Advisers
Aug 13. Division Memo 139, s. 2019
Division Seminar-workshop on Contextualization of Learning Materials in Technology and Livelihood Education
Aug 9.  Division Memo 161, s. 2019
Workshop on Better World Programs and Sustainable Development Goals
Aug 7. Division Memo 159, s. 2019
Conduct of 2019 3rd Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED)
Aug 6.  Division Memo 156, s. 2019
Administration of the English Proficiency Test for Teacher Applicants
Aug 6.  Division Memo 155, s. 2019
Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) Application Submission
Aug 6.  Division Memo 158, s. 2019
Conduct of the Division Training on Sports Coaching and Officiating for Learners with Special Educational Needs
Aug 6.  Division Memo 157, s. 2019
3rd National Competition on Storybook Writing
Aug 5.  Division Memo 154, s. 2019
2019 Journalism Training for School Paper Advisers
Jul 29. Division Memo 151, s. 2019
8th Northeastern Luzon Region Scout Jamboree
Jul 29.  Division Memo 147, s. 2019
Result of the 2019 Division Search for the Best Brigada Eskwela Implementing Schools
Jul 18.  Division Memo 146, s. 2019
2019 Career Guidance Week Celebration
Jul 17. Division Memo 148, s. 2019
2nd Quarterly Meeting for Alternative Learning System
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Jul 17.  Division Memo 145, s. 2019
Observance of the 2019 National Disaster Resilience Month
Jul 10.  Division Memo 144, s. 2019
Division Seminar-workshop on LRMDS and Evaluation of Learning Resources
Jul 9.  Division Memo 143, s. 2019 
Conduct of the 2019 Teacher Induction Program Kick-off and Training of Modules 1&2
Jul 9.  Division Memo 142, s. 2019
3rd Quarter BSP-LCEB Meeting
Jul 8.  Division Memo 141, s. 2019
Conduct of Various Activities for Oplan Kalusugan sa DepEd (OK sa DepEd) in the Schools 2019-2020
Jul 5.  Division Memo 138, s. 2019
Addendum to Division Memo 117, s. 2019. Correction on Breakfast on the Day of the Orientation-workshop
Jul 5.  Division Memo 140, s. 2019
Submission of Completion or Status Report on School Head's Application Project Implementation Paper
Jul 4.  Division Memo 137, s. 2019
List of Approved Public Schools for Establishment, Conversion, Integration, Separation of School Annex and Offering of Senior High School (SHS) Program Effective School Year 2019-2020
Jul 4.  Division Memo 129, s. 2019
Status of Private Schools re: Government Permit/Recognition
Jul 4.  Division Memo 128, s. 2019
Division Monitoring on the Implementation of Expanded Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education (EGASTPE)
Jul 3.  Division Memo 136, s. 2019
Division Training-workshop on Library Management
Jul 3.  Division Memo 135, s. 2019
Schools Division Guidelines on the Use of Biometrics
Jul 3.  Division Memo 134, s. 2019
PTA Meeting and Election of Officers for the School Year 2019-2020
Jul 2.  Division Memo 132, s. 2019
Submission of Documents for Assessment
Jul 2 Publication of Vacancy
Jul 2.  Division Memo 131, s. 2019
Conduct of 2019 2nd Quarter School, District, and Division Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment
Jul 2. Division Memo 130, s. 2019
32 Cordillera Month Celebration
Jul 2.  Division Memo 127, s. 2019
Orientation on the Criteria of the Different Searches (Division and Region)
Jul 1.  Division Memo 126, s. 2019
Career Guidance Program Implementation
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June 28.  Division Memo 125, s. 2019
Designation of District and School Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Coordinators
June 25.  Division Memo 124, s. 2019
Advance Gender-Sensitivity Training (GST II) for School Heads and Updates on GAD and SMN Programs
June 25  Division Memo 122, s. 2019
Conduct of SPG/SSG Action Planning and Submission of SPG/SSG Action Plan for SY 2019-2020
June 21.  Division Memo 117, s. 2019
Orientation Workshop for all DCP Recipient Schools
June 14 Publication of Vacancy
June 14.  Division Memo 114, s. 2019
Conduct of 2019 2nd Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill
June 14.  Division Memo 112, s. 2019
Submission of Entries for the Division Search for the Best Brigada Eskwela Implementing Schools and DTR for Service Credit
June 14.  Division Memo 106, s. 2019
Designation of Guidance Counselor
June 11.  Division Memo 111, s. 2019
Addendum to Division Memo 100, s. 2019. Guideline of the Points System of the Division Office ICT Unit Search for First Team Award and for Proactive Employee of the Year
June 11.  Division Memo 108, s. 2019
1st Quarterly Evaluation of Learning Resources
May 29.  Division Memo 103, s. 2019
Conduct of Field Staff Meeting
May 25.   Division Memo 100, s. 2019
Division ICT Unit Search for the First Team of School Heads, School   Property Custodians, and School ICT Coordinators to Comply with the Required Data of the Online DCP Monitoring System of the Region
May 22.  Division Memo 96, s. 2019
Division Seminar-Workshop on Contextualization of Learning Resources
May 20. Division Memo 95, s. 2019
Division Training on the Critical Content in Mathematics Grade 7-8
May 17 Publication of Vacancy
May 13.  Division Memo 90, s. 2019
Miting ng mga Filipino Koordinators, SY 2019-2020
May 10.  Division Memo 86, s. 2019
Division Roll-out on the Quality Assurance, Technical Assistance, Monitoring and Evaluation (QATAME) Associates Pool Development Training-Workshop 2 with the Integration of GAD Responsive Tools for Attribution
May 8.  Division Memo 87, s. 2019
Use of Facebook Workplace and DepEd Election Monitoring Apps
Apr 23. Division Memo 81, s. 2019
DCP Batch 34 Delivery, Installation and Orientation
Apr 22.  Division Memo 82, s. 2019
2nd Quarter LCEB Meeting
Apr 22. Division Memo 80, s. 2019
Updates on the 2019 Brigada Eskwela Implementing Guidelines and MOVs for the Search for Eco-Friendly Schools
 Apr 17. Memorandum Circular Declaring PM of April 17, 2019 as Special Non-working Holiday
Apr 15.   Division Memo 78, s. 2019
Submission of Updated Inventory of K-12 Learning Resources
Apr 9.  Division Memo 71, s. 2019
Participants to the Computer Infographics/Graphics Designs for Teachers
Division Rollout on the Enhanced Results-based Performance Management (RPMS) for Teachers and School Head
Apr 4.  Division Memo 67, s. 2019
2019 Brigada Eskwela Implementing Guidelines
Apr 4.  Division Memo 64, s. 2019
Participation to the DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation and DCP Monitoring System User Acceptance Testing
Apr 3. Division Memo 65, s. 2019
Accomplishment of DepEd Partnership Database System (DPDS) for the First Quarter
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Mar 20.  Division Memo 56, s. 2019
Gawad ng Ulirang Guro sa Filipino 2019
Mar 19.  Division Memorandum 61, s. 2019
Submission of Seminars, Trainings, Symposia, Scholarships, Study Grants and Other Professional Development Activities Attended for CY 2017 to March 15, 2019
Mar 19.  Division Memo 60, s. 2019
Corrigendum and Addendum Policy and Guidelines on Securing and Issuance of Study Permit
Mar 19.  Division Memo 54, s. 2019
Submission of BIR Form 22316 (Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld)
Mar 14.  Division Memo 51, s. 2019
Conduct of First DepEd and SK Provincial Youth Congress 2019
Mar 8. Announcement
Updated Schedule of Demo and Interview of Teacher Applicants
Mar 6.  Division Memo 50, s. 2019
Textboks for Distribution
Mar 6.  Division Memo 49, s. 2019
Implementation of the Detailed Lesson Plan on Preventive Drug Education
Mar 5.  Announcement
Final Schedule of Demo and Interview of Teacher Applicants
Mar 5.  Division Memo 48, s. 2019
2019 National Women's Month Celebration
Mar 5.  Division Memo 46, s. 2019
Corrigendum to DM No. 29, s. 2019 re: Conduct of the 2019 Regional Private Schools' Annual Conference
Mar 4.  Announcement
Initial Schedule of Demonstration and Interview of Teacher Applicants
Mar 4.  Division Memo 45, s. 2019
Semi-annual Meeting of Division Officers for Youth Development
Mar 4.  Division Memo 44, s. 2019
Division SSG and SPG Election for School Year 2019-2020
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Feb 28. Announcement
Feb 22.  Division Memo 43, s. 2019
Submission of Consolidated Results of the Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (Phil IRI) in English for Grade 4 to Grade 6, School Year 2018-2019
Feb 20. Holidays and Special Non-working Days
Feb 12.  Division Memo 34, s. 2019
Results of the 2019 MTAP-MATH Challenge Division Finals
Feb 11.  Division Memo 32, s. 2019
CY 2019 Quarterly Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drills (NSED)
Feb 8.  Division Memo 33, s. 2019
Participation to the Ifugao Synchronized Move for the Lamut River Clean-up Drive
Feb 7. Authority to Travel on Pedagogical Retooling in Math, Languages, Science for Junior High School (PRIMALS JHS)
Feb 6.  Division Memo 31, s. 2019
Submission of List of EGASTPE Grantees/Recipients of ESC, TSS and SHSVP for the School Year 2018-2019
Feb 6. Division Memo 30, s. 2019
Request for Data on Tuition Fee/Miscellaneous Fee Increase in Private Schools for the School Year 2018-2019
Feb 6.  Division Memo 29, s. 2019
Conduct of the 2019 Regional Private Schools' Annual Conference
Feb 1.  Division Memo 28, s. 2019
Application for Accreditation to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in the Philippines is Now Open for 2019
Feb 1. Division Memo 27, s. 2019
Synchronized SSG and SPG Election for SY 2019-2020
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Jan 30.  Division Memo 26, s. 2019
2019 Basic Education Exit Assessment (BEEA) Test Administration Orientation
Jan 30.  Division Memo 24, s. 2019
Submission of the 2019-2021 School Improvement Plan (SIP) and 2019 Annual Procurement Plan (AIP)
Jan 30.  Division Memo 18, s. 2019
Submission of the 2019 Technical Assistance Plan
Jan 29.  Division Memo 20, s. 2019
Schools Division Policy on the Implementation of Career Guidance Program in Public Secondary Schools
Jan 24.  Division Memo 22, s. 2019
Submission of the 2019 Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)
Jan 24. Authority to Travel to NEAP
Jan 24.  Division Memo 21, s. 2019
2019 MTAP Math Challenge Division Finals
Jan 21.  Division Memo 17, s . 2019
Division Meeting of Coaches
Jan 21.  Division Memo 14, s. 2019
Schools Division Policy on Supreme Pupil Government (SPG)/ Supreme Student Government (SSG) Funds
Jan 18.  Division Memo 16, s. 2019
Training of Athletes in Preparation for the CARAA 2019
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Jan 16.  Division Memo 13, s. 2019
Available Books for Distribution to the Schools
Jan 15. Division Memo 12, s. 2019
Submission of Data of Visually Impaired and Low Vision Learners and Teachers
Jan 15.  Division Memo 10, s. 2019
Participants for Batch 3 School Heads Development Program Foundation Course
Jan 14.  Division Memo 9, s. 2019
Conduct of Seminar-Workshop on PRIMALS for Junior HS
Jan 14.  Division Memo 5, s. 2019
Conduct of 2018 4th Quarter School and District Monitoring and Evaluation Adjustment
Jan 10.  Division Memo 6, s. 2019
Report on the Physical Count of Property Plant and Equipment (PPE) as of December 2018
Jan 9.  Division Memo 4, s. 2019
Submission of Individual Performance Commitment Review (IPCR)
Jan 9.  Division Memo 3, s. 2019
Assessment of Teacher I Applicants for SY 2019-2020
Jan 8.  Division Memo 2, s. 2019
Field Staff Meeting and Awarding Ceremony
Jan 8.  Division Memo 1, s. 2019 
Planning of Training Team for the Conduct of Seminar-Workshop on PRIMALS for Junior HS
Jan 7.  Division Memo 265, s. 2018
Result of the 2018 Division Initiated Search for the Best Employees, Schools and Districts in the Schools Division of Ifugao
Jan 7.  Unnumbered Division Memo
Result of the 2018 Teachers' Day Celebration and 3rd Division IPED Congress
Jan 4.  Division Memo 303, s. 2018
Result of the Division Search for Outstanding Supreme, Pupil Government (SPG) and Supreme Student Government (SSG)
Dec 19.  Division Memo 264, s. 2018
4th Quarterly Evaluation of Learning Resources
Dec 19. Division Memo 263, s. 2018
Workshop on the Finalization of Locally Developed LR's
Dec 16. Division Memo 292, s. 2018
K to 10 Training of Teachers on Critical Content
Dec 10.  Division Memo 299, s. 2018
Capability Building for SDO-Ifugao Mentors
Dec 7.  Division Memo 295, s. 2018
Training on the Strategies in Teaching Values Education and Contextualization of Learning Materials
Nov 28.  Division Memo 288, s. 2018
Updating of District and School Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Coordinators for the Rapid Assessment of Damages Report (RADAR) Mobile Application
Nov 17. Division Memo 276, s. 2018  Parcipation to the Regional Math and Science Festival
Nov 9. Division Memo 270, s. 2018  Participation for Batch 2 School Heads Development Program: Foundation Course
Nov 9. Division Memo 269, s. 2018  Result of the 2018 Division Festival of Talents
Nov 9. Division Memo 268, s. 2018  Quarterly Meeting of Bookkeepers and Disbursing Officers
Nov 9. Division Memo 267, s. 2018  Submission of Documents for Assessment
Nov 9. Division Memo 266, s. 2018  18-day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW)
Nov 9. Division Memo 265, s. 2018  2019 Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos-Award for Teachers
Nov 9. Division Memo 264, s. 2018  Conduct of 2018 Division Technolympics
Nov 9. Division Memo 263, s. 2018  Activities for the National Environment Awardees Month
Nov 9. Division Memo 262, s. 2018  2019 WFP Preparation Workshop and Calibration of 2019 AIP
Nov 9. Division Memo 261, s. 2018: Reconstituting the Composition of the Division Grievance Committee
Nov 9. Division Memo 258, s. 2018  2018 Regional Filipino Values Month Celebration
Nov 7. Division Memo 257, s. 2018: Traveling Science Centrum in Ifugao
Nov 7. Division Memo 254, s. 2018:  Division Training-workshop on Skills Enhancement on Learning Resources Development and Evaluation
Nov 7. Division Memo 253, s. 2018: SEAMEAO RELC Scholarship Program
Oct 19.  Division Memo 243, s. 2018. Division Schools Press Conference  
Oct 19 Publication of Vacancy
Oct 17. Division Memo 242, s. 2018.  Orientation on the 3-year Teacher Induction Program Implementation for Selected School Heads
Oct 17. Division Memo 233, s. 2018:  Schools Division Policy on Innovations
Oct 15. Invitation To Bid (ITB)
Oct 15. Request for Quotation (RFQ)
Oct 15. Division Memo 230a, s. 2018: Conduct of the 2018 Regional Indigenous Peoples Month Celebration
Oct 9. Division Memo 237, s. 2018. Conduct of 2018 3rd Quarter School, District, and Division Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment
Oct 2. ERF Requirements
Oct 1. "Pipol Konek" Free Public Wi-fi Project of the Department of Information and Communications Technology
Oct 1. 2018 Teachers' Day Program
Sept 28. Division Memo 230, s. 2018
ELLN Orientation and Test Materials Distribution
Sept 26. Division Memo 223, s. 2018. Trainings for Selected Teachers and Orientation for the Search for Sustainable Eco-friendly Schools
Sept 26 Publication
Sept 24. Division Memo 218, s. 2018. Training on Contingency Planning
Sept 21. Division Memo 222, s. 2018. Seminar Workshop on Science Investigatory Project (SIP)
Sept 20. RFQ
Sept 7. Division Memo 213, s. 2018: Planning-workshop of Science and Filipino Facilitators on Critical Content and Finalization of Unpacked Competencies and Exemplars
Sept 5 RFQ
Sept 4 Publication of Vacancy
Sept 4. Division Memo 208, s. 2018:  Planning-Workshop on the Implementation of Programs and Activities in Kindergarten Education for SY 2018-2019
Sept 4. Division Memo 207, s. 2018:  Planning Workshop on the Implementation of Programs and Activities in Araling Panlipunan for SY 2018-2019
Sept 4. Division Memo 205, s. 2018:  Division Roll-out on the Quality Assurance, Technical Assistance, Monitoring and Evaluation (QATAME) Associates Pool Development Training-Workshop
Aug 31.   Division Memo 206, s. 2018. Seminar-Workshop on the Development of Session Guides in ELLN, Primals and Critical Content
Aug 31.  Division Memo 204, s. 2018: Theather Perforemance on Aug 31, 2018
Aug 31 Publication of Vacancy
Aug 30 Philgeps ITB
Aug 30 Philgeps RFQ
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Aug 24. Submission of Concrete Reports on the Impact of the Various Trainings Conducted for School Heads, PSDS, EPS
Aug 24 Publication of Vacancy
Aug 24.  2018 Search for the Best Schools and Employees in the Department of Education
Aug 23. Division Memo 198, s. 2018
Launching of Project Baddang
Aug 23. PagIbig Updates
Aug 23. Division Memo 199, s. 2018
Teachers Day Celebration and 3rd IPED Congress
Aug 23. Division Memo 197, s. 2018
Division "On the Spot Poster Making Contest"
Aug 23. CSC Updates
Aug 22. Request for Quotation (PhilGeps)
Aug 20. Division Memo 193, s. 2018: Change of Venue of the Basic Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Training
Aug 20 Request for Quotation (RFQ) Philgeps
Aug 20. Division Memo 191, s. 2018: District Training on the Enhancement of Pedagogical Skills in Teaching Reading in the MTB-MLE and Bridging Process
Aug 20. Division Memo 190, s. 2018
Submission of Reports ont eh Conduct of the 1st Quarter Examination
 Aug 14 Publication of Vacancy
Aug 10. Schedule of Interview and Written Exams for HT and Principal
Aug 4. Request for Quotations
Aug 1. Division Memo 170, s. 2018: Use of ICTU-DCP Template "A" on Reporting Issues of DCP Package to the Division Office ICT Unit
Jul 31. Request for Quotation (RFQ-Philgeps)
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Jul 31. Division Memo 169, s. 2018: Submission of Documents for Assessment
July 25 and 27 Publication of Vacancies
Jul 25. Philgeps ITB
Jul 25. Philgeps RFQ
Jul 24. Division Memo 152, s. 2018: Participants to the Stress Management Training
Jul 13. Request for Quotations
Jul 13. Division Memo 146, s. 2018: Conduct of 2018 2nd Quarter School, District, and Division Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment
Jul 6  Publications of Vacancy
Jul 3. Division Memo 133, s. 2018: Submission of Packaged Schools PTA Officers' List in all Schools Per District for the School Year 2018-2019
Jul 3. Division Memo 129A, s. 2018: Creation of Coordinating Council of Campus Co-curricular Organizations
Jul 3. Division Memo 129B, s. 2018: Division Memo 129A, s. 2018: Submission of Second Quarter TA Accomplishment Report
Jul 3. Division Memo 127B, s. 2018: Submission of Updated Performance Indicators of Schools
Requests For Quotations
Jun 25. Division Memo 129, s. 2018:  Submission of Supreme Pupil/Student Government (SPG/SSG) Action Plan for SY 2018-2019
Jun 25.   Division Memo 127, s. 2018 Leadership Training for SPG/SSG Advisers for Cluster 2 on July 6-8, 2018 at the Ammungan Hall, Schools Division Office
Jun 21. Division Memo 122, s. 2018: Submission of School Ratified PTA Constitution and By-laws
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June 20. Office Memo on SDO Personnel Drug Test
June 20. Division Memo 128, s. 2018: Evaluation of Learning Resources
June 20. Division Memo 124, s. 2018: Submission of DCP Issues and Concerns Using Form A and B
June 7.  June 8 Publication of Vacancy
June 7. Division Memo 119, s. 2018:   Submission of Updated Inventory of K-12 Learning Resources Issued by the Central Office and Region
June 6 Publication of Vacancy
June 6 Request for Quotation
June 5. Division Memo 118, s. 2018: Leadership Training for SSG/SPG Advisers on June 29-30, 2018 to July 1, 2018 at the SDO Ammungan Hall
June 5. Division Memo 117, s. 2018: Documentation and Submission of Best Practices in the Schools and District Offices
June 5. Declaring June 18, 2018, Monday, a Special Non-working Day in the Province of Ifugao
June 5. Teachers Suggestions/Comments on GSIS Concerns
June 5. Nationwide Launch of the GSIS Financial Assistance Loan Program (GFAL)
May 31 Publication of Vacancy
May 17 Publication of Vacancy
May 16. Division Memo 113, s. 2018: Regional Training of Teachers on Critical Content Accross Learning Areas
May 15. CPP-LSIS Tutorial Video
May 10 Publication of Vacancy
Apr 24. LRMDS Copy Right Notice 
Apr 23. To all School Heads of DCP Recipient Schools: DCP Batch 36 package is for SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Batch 40, 41, 42, or 44 is either Junior High School or Elementary.
Apr 20 Publication of Vacancy
Apr 16. Division Memo 91, s. 2018: 2018 Brigada Eskwela Implementing Guidelines
Apr 14. Division Memo 99, s. 2018: Conduct of Series of Regional Summer Training on Special Education for Regular Teachers
Apr 13. Division Memo 94, s. 2018: 2nd Quarter Meeting and Leadership Training for division SSG/SPG Officers and Advisers on April 24-27, 2018 at the SDO-Ammungan Hall
Apr 12. Division Memo 98, s. 2018: Capability Building of ALS Implementers on Enhanced ALS K-12 Curriculum
Apr 12. Division Memo 77, s. 2018: Submission of PTA Annual Accomplishment and Financial Report CY 2017
Apr 12. Request for Quotation 2
Apr 12. Request for Quotation 1
Apr 3. Division Memo 87, s. 2018: 2nd Quarter Local Council Executive Board Meeting
Apr 3. Division Memo 72, s. 2018: Allocation of 2% from the School MOOE for SSG/SPG Fund of Each School in the Division
March 27 Philgeps RFQ
March 22. Division Memo 34, s. 2018
March 15 Philgeps RFQ
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Mar 9 Publication of Vacancy
Mar 8. Division Memo 66, s. 2018: End of School Year Meeting
Mar 7. Advisory on Professional Development Program Schedules for Calendar Year 2018
Mar 7. Division Memo 61, s. 2018: Schedule of Synchronized District SPG Election, Division SSG/SPG Election and Division SSG/SPG Officers and Advisers First Quarter Meeting
Feb 24. Division Memo 54, s. 2018: SEAMEO RECSAM Offers Regular Course (Batch 1) for Fiscal Year 2018-2019
Feb 24. Division Memo 53, s. 2018: Participation to the 7th Northeastern Luzon Region Scout Jamboree
Feb 24. Division Memo 52, s. 2018: Schedule of Submission and Evaluation of Locally Developed Learning Resources
Feb 24. Division Memo 51, s. 2018: Learning Resources Request and Proposal
Feb 22. Advisory on YES-O
Feb 20. Division Memo 49, s. 2018: 2018 National Women's Month Celebration (NWMC)
Feb 20. Division Memo 48, s. 2018: Ifugao Victory Celebration for Garnering Third Place in the CARAA 2018
Feb 20. Division Memo 41, s. 2018: Synchronized SSG and SPG Election for 2018-2019
Feb 16 Publication of Vacancy
Feb 12. Division Memo 38, s. 2018:  Conduct of the CY 2018 First Quarter National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill
Feb 9 Publication of Vacancy
Feb 8. Division Memo 35, s. 2018: Advisory on "Battle of ICT Wizards" by Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) Philippines
Feb 8. Division Memo 34, s. 2018: Online Submission of Scanned Document of Inspection and Acceptance Receipt (IAR) of Previous DCP Batch 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 33, 37
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Jan 30. Division Memo 30, s. 2018: Training-workshop of all MG Teachers and Selected School Heads
Jan 26 Publication of Vacancy
Jan 25. Division Memo 24, s. 2018: Workshop on Alignment of AIP to the  2018 WFP
Jan 25. Addendum Division Memo 23, s. 2018: Final List of Participants to the Capability Building Seminar for Newly Hired Administrative Assistants and Administrative Aides
Jan 24. Division Memo 23, s. 2018: Capability Building Seminar for Newly HIred Administrative Assistants/Aides
Jan 24. Division Memo 22, s. 2018: Administration of Test on English Proficiency for Teachers and Process Skills Test (TEPT-PST) to Science and Mathematics in Grades 9 and 10 Public School Teachers
Jan 19 Publication of Vacancy
Jan 19. Division Memo 17, s. 2018: Brigada Eskwela Planning
Jan 18. Division Memo 14, s. 2018: K-12 Early Registration for SY 2018-2019
Jan 15. Division Memo 1, s. 2018: Division Roll-out for the Implementation of Grade 11 and 12 Career Guidance Program
Jan 12 Publication of Vacancy
Jan 9. Division Memo 8, s. 2018: Assessment of Teacher I Positions SY 2018-2019
Jan 5. Publication of Vacancy
Jan 5. Personal Data Sheet (Revised 2017)
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Jan 3. Division Memo 326, s. 2017: Results of the 2017 Division Read-A-Thon
Dec 22. Division Memo 327, s. 2017: Orientation of Literacy Enumerators and Fourth Quarter Meeting
Dec 21. Division Memo 325, s. 2017. Steps on How to Download and Upload the Wins Monitoring System Tool in MSExcel of Health Unit.
Dec 14. Request for Quotation (PhilGeps)
Dec 14. Division Memo 323b, s. 2017: Conduct of the 2017 4th Quarter National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED)
Dec 12. Request for Quotation (PhilGeps)
Dec 11. Division Memo 321, s. 2017: Post Evaluation Meeting of Ifugao Provincial Athletic Meet 2017
Dec 8. Division Memo 320, s. 2017: Training-Workshop on Ifugao Orthography and Language Structure
Dec 8. Division Memo 391, s. 2017: Writeshop on Contextualizing the Lesson Plan Package for Schools with 100% IP Enrolment
Dec 7. Publication of Vacancy (Dec 8)
Dec 7. Request for Quotation (PhilGeps)
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Dec 5. Division Memo 318, s. 2017: Utilization of MOOE
Dec 1. Publication of Vacancy
Dec 1. Division Memo 346, s. 2017. Conduct of Recognition and Showcase Continuous Improvement...
Nov 29. Division Memo 344, s. 2017: Division Training Workshop on the DAP-ELLN
Nov 28. Division Memo 343, s. 2017: Reconstitution of the School-based Management (SBM) Coordinating Team
Nov 28. Division Memo 342, s. 2017: Validation of School-based Management (SBM) Level of Practice
Nov 27. Publication of Vacancy
Nov 24. Division Memo 328b, s. 2017: Renewal of Senior High School (SHS) Provisional Permit and Application of Government Recognition of Private Schools Offering Senior High School (SHS) Programs.
Nov 15. Division Memo 327, s. 2017: First Regional ICT Summit
Nov 15. Division Memo 323, s. 2017: Technical Assistance on the Use of the Enhanced Learning Resource Portal
Nov 14. Publication of Vacancy (Nov 17)
Nov 14. Division Memo 317, s. 2017: Adoption consciousness Division Poster Making Contest
Nov 10. Division Memo 320, s. 2017: Reiteration of the No-collection Policy From Parents-Teachers Association (PTA)
Nov 9. Division Memo 328, s. 2017: Division Technolympics Planning Conference
Nov 9. Division Memo 314, s. 2017: 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW)
Nov 2. Division Memo 325, s. 2017. Call for Application to the Gawad Siklab: Search for Outstanding Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) and Supreme Student Government (SSG)
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Nov 2. Division Memo 324, s. 2017. Principals' Test Online Application
Nov 2. DepEd Memo 167 s. 2017: 25th National Children's Month Celebration
Oct 31. To all Principals' Test applicants online application period is from October 30 to November 10,2017 only. Type in the URL
or Click "REGISTER" first. Having registered successfully, click  "APPLY":
1. Applicant must have an active email 
    account (deped or personal).
2. Once you have opened the site, (if not yet 
    registered) click Create Account below the 
    Password Box.
3. Follow instructions appearing on top and 
    within the boxes.
4. Take note of the password you will be 
    typing on this registration form.
5. Having registered successfully, click here 
    to re-open the site then use the same email 
   and the password you have just typed in the 
    registration page (APPLY).
6. If you have successfully Logged-in, 
    comply with what are required. Note that 
    the documents to be attached are PDF files.
Oct 27. Division Memo 317, s. 2017
Reading Month Celebration and Read-A-Thon Contest
Oct 27. Division Memo 316, s. 2017
Conduct of the Division Schools Press Conference
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Oct 26. Request for Quotation (Philgeps)
Oct 26. Division Memo 319, s. 2017:  Conduct of the Screening for Applicants to the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) Facilitators' Pool
Oct 20. Publication of Vacancy.
Oct 20. Division Memo 315, s. 2017: Resulta ng Pandibisyong Paligsahan sa Ispeling
Oct 19. Division Memo 310, s. 2017: Information, Education Campaign on Civil Registration Laws, RA 10625
Oct 18. Division Memo 309, s. 2017: Semestral Break and In-service Training
Oct 17. Division Memo 308, s. 2017. Submission of Innovation Entries on ICT for Teaching and Learning and ICT for Governance
Oct 17. Division Memo 307, s. 2017. 28th National Statistics Month Celebration
Oct 17. Extension of Suspension of Classes and Work on Oct 17, 2017, Tuesday.
Oct 16. Memo on Suspension of Classes and Work on Oct 16, 2017, Monday.
Oct 10. Division Memo 303, s. 2017: Orientation on DCP Packages for Schools Identified as Unenergized in 2015-2016
Oct 10. Division Memo 302, s. 2017: Submission of Report on Child Protection Policy (CPP) School Profile
Oct 10. Division Memo 297, s. 2017: Roll-out of the Financial Management Operations Manual (FMOM) to Non-Implementing Units (Non-IEUs)
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Oct 10. Request for Quotation (Philgeps)
Oct 10. October 6 Publication of Vacancy
Oct 7. Division Memo 291, s. 2017: Participation to the IPRA 20th Anniversary Contest
Oct 7. Division Memo 286, s. 2017: CSC Basic Competency on Local Treasury and Intermediate Competency on Local Treasury Examination
Oct 6. Division Memo 269, s. 2017: 4th Quarter Activities of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines
Sept 30. Division Memo 280, s. 2017: Awarding for the Best Performing Teacher, School Head, Non-teaching, Supervisor and School in the Division
Sept 29. Division Memo 279, s. 2017:  Renewal of Teachers' License Exam Application, Initial Registration and Distribution of Processed Professional Identification Card
Sept 29. Division Memo 281, s. 2017: 2017 International Mind Education Institute
Sept 28. Division Memo 278,s . 2017: Brigada Eskwela sa Marawi
Sept 28. PhilGeps: Request for Quotations
Sept 20. Division Memo 272, s. 2017: 2017 Newly Appointed BSP-Ifugao Council Staff
Sept 20. Proclamation Issued by the President Declaring September 21, 2017 as a National Day of Protest (Memo Circular No. 26)
Sept 19. Division Memo 267, s. 2017: School-based Management (SBM) Mid-year Assessment
Sept 18. Division Memo 266, s. 2017: Schedule of 1st 2017 Division Management Committee Meeting (MANCOM)
Sept 15. Division Memo 267a, s. 2017:  Presentation, Critiquing, and Finalization of CI Projects
Sept 15. Division Memo 263, s. 2017: Submission of Summarized School Gender and Development (GAD) Sex Disaggregated Data
Sept 15. Division Memo 264, s. 2017: Refinement of EGRA and EGMA Assessment Toolkits      
Sept 15. Division Memo 261, s. 2017: 59th Annual National Convention of Children's Museum and Library, Incorporated (CMLI)
Sept 15. Publication of Vacancy

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